William Georgenes

5. Gallery announces the opening of our new exhibition William Georgenes honoring the life, work and memory of William Georgenes. 



The exhibition opens Friday January 12th at 5:00 PM

5. Gallery
2351 Fox Rd.
no. 700

imagine, to the sixth power

5. Gallery is excited to invite you to the opening of our upcoming exhibition 

Christine Taylor Patten
imagine, to the sixth power
micro/macro: 221 drawings

Opens Friday May 12th
5:00 PM

5. Gallery
2351 Fox Rd.
no. 700

Reading from Kevin Law's Streets of Youth

Join us for a reading from Kevin Law's Streets of Youth 

Friday April 21st
5:00 PM




5. Gallery
2351 Fox Rd.
no. 700


"There is a certain deadweight on the world now that I cannot ignore. Perhaps it's the summer humidity and the cessation of time that goes with it, I don't know. Perhaps Chris's personal hell is spreading and I'm becoming infected. But I'm beginning to wonder if this enterprise will ever work out. I came to New Orleans to try and live a life of lightness, ingenuity, and curiosity, not one of morbid coincidence and death. But that's what seems to have found me. Is there a terminal disease within everything that exists, waiting to be unleashed? Can you dance beforehand anyway? Can you love without shadows?" 
- Kevin Law

Greta Young: little people

5. Gallery is very excited to announce our upcoming exhibition Greta Young: little people featuring mixed media work on canvas and paper by Greta Young. The exhibition opens Friday February 3rd at 5:00 PM. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Spurt mixed media on paper

mixed media on paper


We have a wonderful show up through January 13th - "small" guest curated by Ann Landi editor and founder of vasari21

Includes works by: 

Jan Sessler
Ted Larsen
TJ Mabrey
Sheila Miles
Beverly Rautenberg
Marc Baseman
Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton
Christine Taylor Patten




Like Water

Opens 9/16/16 at 5:00 PM
Works by:

David Forlano

Melissa Dominguez

Craig Clark

Gus Foster

Carol Rose Brown

John Waters

Desiree Manville

Marti Mills

Leslie Raymond


Arbeit: Frank and his Dream

Very excited to announce the first official opening of 5. Gallery. Please join us on August first beginning at 5:00 PM for the opening of Arbeit: Frank and his Dream. This show includes beautiful and stunning works by:

Wes Mills
Gabe Abeyta
Roger Walker
Roberto Sguazzi
Haste Bowditch
James Castle
Chris Aloia